Professional Hair Smoothing Treatments and your health

If you considering a transition, away from a Chemical Relaxers or Japanese Straightener and into a Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment, consult with one of the professionals at Progressions salon spa store in Rockville first to help you decide which process would be best for you and your lifestyle.

Progressions is committed to offering their guests the healthiest solution.  They offer a formaldehyde free, amino acid based, Hair Smoothing Treatment that is plant, and not chemically, derived.  Since breakthrough bonding technologies that are now available, the treatments actually improves the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective keratin layer around the hair shaft which eliminates frizz and smooths the cuticle.   The end result is healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine!  Most treatments last 10- 12 weeks.leti2

Over exposure is the greatest concern so Progressions has limited both, the total number treatments one Service Provider can perform, and the total number of treatments the salon performs as a whole on a daily basis.  To assure safety, Progressions hired an environmental hygienist to run air quality tests and they are proud to report that their air quality is consistently, well within the regulated limits.

They suggest that guests continue to blow their hair dry, even after receiving a Hair Smoothing Treatment, to achieve the optimal results.

For appointment requests, please call Guest Services at 301.231.8757 or e-mail them at  Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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Progressions’s prescription to healthy living!

  • Provide yourself with an adequate amount of sleep.  It is essential to a productive life.  The benefits are evident in both your appearance and your outlook.
  • Attitude is everything!  A great outlook on life is your most radiant accessory!
  • Music is a great source of inspiration.  Surround yourself with music that creates the mood you are desiring.Wellness
  • Eat well.  Your body is a physical manifestation of your internal goals and intentions.  Value it accordingly.
  • Allow yourself a little extra time for travel throughout your day.  You will find that minimizing unnecessary pressure is soothing.
  • Exercise daily!  Fit some sort of activity into your daily routine.  Before you know it, fitness will be part of your lifestyle.
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Quick Beauty Tips from the Professionals at Progressions salon spa store

§  The team of professionals at Progressions will consult with you each and every visit.  This ensures that there is a mutual understanding about the desired outcome.

§  Service Providers in the Hair Dept. educate each guest about when to put moisture into the hair and when to remove it.  Curly hair often requires added moisture, whereas removing moisture is beneficial when an individual desires to wear their hair straight.

§  It is essential to apply the appropriate products and use professional blow dryers, flat irons, and/or curling irons. Professional products and tools are the key to achieving a professional look!beauty tips

§  Every guest that visits Progressions is treated with great care. When the Service Providers dry their hair, they apply the appropriate amount of heat with the blow dryer, followed by cool air from the blow dryer afterwards to set the style.  The finishing touches are personalized to meet the desires of each guest.

§  Education is a key pillar of Progressions.  The team strives to educate each guest and  assist them with their home-care needs. Purchasing the appropriate products to use at home and following the professionals instructions is the best way for you to recreate your new look, day after day.

§  Drink plenty of water.  Proper hydration allows your hair, nails, and skin to glow to their fullest potential!

Guest Services will be happy to assist you at 301.231.8757.

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This is what sets Progressions apart from the rest…

Progressions salon spa store has won many awards over the years and one of the reasons is because they care.  They ask for feedback, listen, and implement the guests’ desires.  Here’s a brief list of what sets them apart from the rest:

  • Guests asked for a more secure room to change into their salon gown and they put in a solid door for security
  • The guest’s experience is the most important factor.  To assure that they are comfortable, regulate the temperature so everyone feels comfortable
  • Blankets are provided for warmth and comfort when needed
  • Neck warmers are provided if a guest wants an extra special, relaxing portion to their experiencechild1
  • Tazo tea was a frequently requests item and Progressions now offers complimentary Tazo tea.  Served with a smile, of course
  • If your torso is a little shorter than most, booster seats are provided for comfort
  • Should you feel the need for privacy during your haircut for religious reasons, for example, Progressions has a private room where you and your service provider will be the only two in the room
  • Not only is there an avenue for feedback, but guests provide valuable feedback and Progressions listens, making the adjustments they need to make to enhance the guest’s experience

This tells you a little about how Progressions does what they do so well.    For your own experience, please call Guest Services at 301.231.8757.

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Progressions Passport program for Students and Active Military

Progressions salon has created a PASSPORT PROGRAM to offer active military, their families, and students of all ages a savings on services that will help them reduce stress as well as look and feel their best.  All of this with no enrollment fee.  We are so honored to support those that deserve our attention.  Register a friend and receive double referral points for an even greater savings.

Register with Guest Services at 301.231.8757 or e-mail us at  We look forward to seeing and providing services for you in the very near future.  301.231.8757.


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Progressions salon’s Valentine’s Day suggestions

Where has the time gone?  People are talking about Valentine’s Day which is right around the corner!  The team at Progressions salon spa store knows exactly what your loved one wants and needs and they have compiled a list of their favorites to choose from:

  1. A Progressions Gift Card provides everything you need.  Any denomination, suitable for any service or product and they’ll mail it to you or your loved one directly.  Quick and easy!
  2. Come in and pick out a beautiful piece of Anna Beck jewelry for your special someone and make her smile!  $113-325
  3. A personalized makeup lesson to teach your Valentine the basic steps to a beautiful glowing look. $100linda BLOG
  4. If you are surprising your Valentine with dinner, remember to book a special Makeup Application and a Blow dry to complete her look for the night. $105
  5. Bumble and bumble has beautifully packaged a Valentine’s Day gift pack with Surf Spray, Shine On Finishing Spray, Grooming Crème, and a 4 oz. Thickening Hairspray. ONLY $48. ($66 value!)
  6. Try a romantic Red Currant Votivo candle. $26
  7. Their retail store offers Swarovski bracelets that can also unwrap to function as necklaces.  Very reasonably priced.  $22.  They are sparkly and fun.
  8. A red Veond sparkle poncho/scarf makes an
    excellent gift. $52.ash.vd.jan.hat. BLOG
  9. Another excellent gift is a Lauren wallet in magenta. $110
  10. Everyone would love an adorable red Missy Hat. $44.
  11. Red Caroline Amato sheepskin leather gloves to suit a variety of  special occasions. $82.

Visit their retail store for excellent gift ideas, luxury brands and Gift Card purchases or call Guest Services at 301.231.8757.

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Now is the time for self care!

January is a great time to take advantage of a less hectic salon experience.  At Progressions salon spa store in Rockville, MD, we suggest you try something new, allowing a little extra time to take good care of yourself or even re-create your personal look. Winter_Months.250

Maybe there’s a facial you have never experienced.  Something hydrating to offset the way  winter weather dry out your skin, or a makeup lesson you have been wanting to help accentuate your new hair color, a Gelish pedicure would make your toes dazzling and take you through an extended vacation without needing attention, or a MINX manicure to add some pizzazz to a special occasion.  Now is the time to make room to take care of yourself.  Self-care is an important feature to implement into your daily routine for 2013.

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